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As an Approved Distributor for Lakeland Industries Europe, TIS holds stock of a wide variety of the protective clothing range. We offer for collection, same-day local delivery or next day national delivery of type 3 & 4 chemical suits (sometimes know as overalls, coveralls or chem suits ), type 5 & 6 white suits, flame retardant and cool suits.

We supply the entire range of Lakeland products and welcome your enquiry, regardless of order size.


Arrange a site visit to help advise and guide your chemical clothing protection

With an excellent working relationship now into it's fourth year, between Lakeland and Teesside Industrial Supplies Ltd, our aim of achieving the best possible site support - and online sales support - is made possible by joint visits to offices, sites and any manner of end user facilities; proving crucial in delivery of a personalised service with utmost professional advice by both TIS and Lakeland in partnership.

Are you familiar with the Lakeland brand, or range of products? Here's what Lakeland say about their business (note a link to the Lakeland Industries Europe website is in the link 'Protects People'):

"Lakeland Protects People. It’s what we do. Our products are used every day in a wide variety of industries and applications throughout the world. Used to ensure workers stay safe from harm by hazards including chemicals, flames and heat.

Protecting People effectively requires a high level of Expertise. The expertise in Lakeland is sourced in several decades’ history – along with employees having long years of experience - in the industry. Lakeland was a founder member of the first company in the world to manufacture protective coveralls from extruded polymer fibre nonwovens, and it remains at the forefront of the protection of workers involved in hazardous situations throughout the world.

Manufacturing Excellence is also a necessity if people are to be protected effectively. For Lakeland quality is Factor Number 1. Lakeland protective clothing is produced to the highest specifications under ISO 9000 and Module D of PPE Regulation (EU)2016/425 quality control procedures. Users of Lakeland clothing know it as synonymous with quality protection.

Unique service, means stocks held in every regional centre globally and by our many partner distributors, such as (TIS) Teesside Industrial Supplies Ltd, to ensure our users have the right protective clothing where they need it, when they need it."

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Innovations such as Flame Retardant (FR), Cool Suits and Bespoke Garments for multi-hazard protection

Lakeland product ranges offer more choice with standard, premium, bespoke and composite options. Lakeland’s extensive range allows selection of the best tool for the job which means users are not only better protected, but also that comfort is maximised and cost is minimised.

Innovations such as Cool Suit coveralls and Pyrolon secondary FR garments provide users with unique options for better combinations of multi-hazard protection and protection with comfort. Whilst our “Super-B” style garment developed especially for the European market and featuring a unique combination of features offers garments which fit better and are more comfortable and more durable.

Arrange a site visit to help advise and guide your chemical clothing protection